Had THE best time at @mixinconf! Walked away feeling so inspired and hoping to make a difference in the internets. #mixin16

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Andy Clarke

Art Directing the Web

Watch Art Directing the Web by Andy Clarke
Mixin tees
Patima and Mandy
Mixin 2016 Crowd

Completely blown away by the incredible talks this morning at #mixin16! So much passion! @mixinconf @Malarkey @Una @byalicelee @notdetails

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Jina Anne

Designing a Design System

Watch Designing a Design System by Jina Anne
Breakout area
Mixin bunting
Lunch packs

Congrats to @mixinconf for naaaaailing their debut ✨✨✨ #mixin16

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This conference was full of so much love!! 💕 huge thank u to the incredible @mixinconf organizers who made this week unforgettable ✨#mixin16

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Una and Kylie

Alice Lee

Pencil Mileage

Watch Pencil Mileage by Alice Lee
Collide speaking event
Mixin volunteers, organisers, and attendees

Absolutely brilliant day at the Mixin Conference #mixin16! Thank you so much for errything @mixinconf !!

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I'm so crazy lucky to know so many of the Perth web community. Feels like a family. So much psych for today #mixin16

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Una Kravets

The Joys of Optimising

Watch The Joys of Optimising by Una Kravets
Coffee break
Una, Joel, and a couple of Quokkas

So much love for #mixin16 - feel so inspired. Back to work with fresh ideas next week!

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Sketch of the Mixin organisers by Una Kravets

Total noobs, responsive tomatoes, Bob Ross, Aussie animal puns, unicorns, art direction, comedy & good company. Much inspiration @ #mixin16

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After the day

Joel Califa

Full Stack Anxiety

Watch Full Stack Anxiety by Joel Califa
Mixin Organisers
Mixin 2016 sign
Joel Selfie

All time conference! #goosebumps thanks guys #mixin16 @mixinconf

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Mixin afterparty photobooth
Photobooth at the Mixin 2016 afterparty
Mixin Tote

Amazing, inspiring day at #mixin16. Wonderful minds hosted by strong friends. Loved every second, @mixinconf!

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Mixin attendees

if there's another @mixinconf in Perth next year and you don't apply, you're doing yourself a disservice. In awe of these people.

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Mike Riethmuller

A CSS Eulogy

Watch A CSS Eulogy by Mike Riethmuller
Mixin crowd
Patima at the after party
Mixin stage

Veeery impressed with the #mixin16 conference on so many levels. You nailed it guys. Awesome talks, flawless organisation!

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Collide audience
After party photobooth
Hula hoops at the after party

Espen Brunborg

The Secret Life of Comedy

Watch The Secret Life of Comedy by Espen Brunborg

Reading back over my notes from @mixinconf yesterday, feeling so freakin inspired! Legend organisers legend speakers. Ripper day #mixin16

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Speakers and organisers at Caversham Wildlife Park

Reading back through the #mixin16 feed and getting the feels again. What an event!

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Attendees at the after party
View from the stage
Lee at the photobooth
Teegan and DT

Congrats to the @mixinconf crew for putting on a fantastic event, looking forward to next year #mixin16 #inspireddesign #designsystems

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Jina’s design systems workshop

Woo! @mixinconf was absolutely awesome. So much energy flowing throughout the day! #mixin16 Congrats to the team behind it!

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Mixin organisers and volunteers